ABS Screening offers a menu of public records and public database checks that are fast, economical, and do not leave a footprint of being checked. Public criminal record, civil judgements, divorce records, marriage records, incarceration records, sex offender and violent offender registrations are available in most states and counties.

All investigative services comply with provisions of the following:

  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.Federal Freedom of Information Act.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) 15 U.S.C. Section 6801
  • Individual Reference Service Group Principles (IRSG)

Description of Services

Criminal (Public Record) History
By geographical areas, courts, clerks and other jurisdictional record offices containing public records are researched back a minimum of seven years.  All county courts authorized to hear felony cases are checked.  Different levels of tracking resources and number of years researched back are available.
All public record, criminal history checks performed for private investigation are name searches.  If there is name match (last name, first name, middle initial), date of birth (DOB) is the number one identifier to confirm identity.  On occasion, some jurisdictions also track social security numbers (SSN) and/or addresses to verify identity.  Since all criminal public record searches are name index searches, the check is only valid if all the individual's full names, such as maiden name and past married names, used during recent years are searched.

Civil (Public Record) History
Tracks by geographical areas similar to criminal records and provides judgement and/or pending civil actions whether defendant or plaintiff.  Excellent source to determine if applicant was involved in a lawsuit involving an employment contract, business practices, harassment or delinquent debt obligations.

Federal Criminal History
Check with federal District Court for criminal convictions of federal laws and violations on federal reservations, buildings, parks and property.

Federal Civil History
Check with federal District Court for civil actions concerning interstate commerce and larger scope civil suits.

Locate Person by Name, SSN, Address, Telephone Number
A search of personal record databases

State Sex Offender Search
State database name-search reporting possible sex, violence and repeat offender conviction information.

State Incarceration Search
State database name search reporting incarceration dates in the state penal system.

Public Record Search:
County public record search for Voting, Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Property, and Permits records.

All Pricing is based on your packages. Please contact us for details.


During the past few years several county court clerk offices located throughout the country have implemented an access fee (local tax) for criminal and civil public records. Regardless of the reason for checking these records or the fact that they are public records, anyone checking public records in these counties is charged an access fee for each request.  Apparently, the county officials have experienced an increase in the volume of public records being accessed and viewed this tax paid service as an opportunity to generate revenue with no additional expense.
Currently there are approximately 165 out of the 3,142 counties in the United States that charge a mandatory access fee.  Access fees when applicable, are added to all base fees.  Enclosed is a table of currently known counties and their fees.  Please note that access fees may increase or new counties may be added with out advanced notice.

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